TUGG’s Eighth Annual Tech Charity Party

TUGG PartyCBRE/New England is excited to be a sponsor of TUGG’s Eighth Annual Tech Charity Tequila and Wine Party! Over 1,200 of Boston’s best tech entrepreneurs, VCs and philanthropists will be joining to raise $300,000 to support seven new non-profits. Click here to register for the event, which will be held at 6pm on March 13th at Royale Nightclub.

To join in TUGG’s (@tuggorg) tweet up today from 2-5pm, use hashtag #TUGGwp14! The seven startups can also be found on Twitter: @BUILDinBoston, @caties_closet, @DocWayneDtG, @DoctorErika, @RightsideShirts, @QuestAdventures, and @JRISocialJstce.

TUGG is dedicated to catalyzing and spreading social entrepreneurship in New England. Learn more about them at tugg.org.


To subscribe to the CBRE/New England blog, please visit the main page or email a request to blog@cbre-ne.com.

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