2014 CBRE/New England Retail Market Overview Highlights

2014 CBRE/New England Retail Market Overview Presentation

Thank you to all those who attended last Tuesday evening’s CBRE/New England 2014 Retail Market Overview. We hope that you found the event both informative and entertaining. The theme for the event centered around “Reinvention”—with salient insights on how today’s leading retail owners and retailers continue to find creative ways to reinvent their properties and products. For those who missed it, below are a few highlights from the event.

CBRE/NE’s Nat Heald gave the Capital Markets overview. Nat outlined three major trends across the retail investment sales landscape: the Whole Foods effect, the emergence of the “Ecocenter”, and the transition from institutional back to private investors.

Next, CBRE/NE’s Carlos Febres-Mazzei gave an overview on the Debt & Structured Finance market. In addition to comparing current market conditions to past cycles and providing forecasts for 2014, Febres discussed how retail investors can take advantage of current conditions by manufacturing value through the recapitalization of equity and partial interest sales.

For the retail leasing market overview, CBRE/GRA’s Andrea Matteson discussed how technology is changing how consumers shop and ultimately how retailers have responded to capture sales. According to Matteson, the retailers and restaurants that are investing and embracing technology are thriving and are highly sought after by owners and developers.

Doug Rauch, former president of Trader Joe’s, closed the event with a fascinating presentation about his newest venture, Daily Table. Based on the premise that one-third of the world’s food (40% of U.S. food) goes to waste every year, the Daily Table concept is an effort to create a community retail store where perfectly edible products can be sold as healthy meals, bringing affordable nutrition to the underserved cities across the U.S.

Click the image above to view the slideshow or click here.

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