2016 Summer Interns: It’s Almost Time to Say Goodbye


Summer Internship Spotlight: Diving into the Commercial Real Estate Industry


The CBRE/New England Summer Internship Program is uniquely designed to give interns exposure to the many facets of the growing commercial real estate (CRE) industry. The program kicked off with a scavenger hunt, providing interns an excellent outlet to gain familiarity with the City of Boston, while taking advantage of the chance to make first impressions with the other summer participants.


Interns enjoying a beautiful day in Newport at our 2016 Summer Conference/Outing.

Along the way, the internship journey highlights the importance of networking through a series of lunch-and-learn opportunities. This year’s experience wrapped up with an intern-run Office Olympics, gathering CBRE/NE employees together from all different business lines for an afternoon of fun events and team bonding. Through the resources made available to interns throughout the summer, every individual is given the opportunity to broaden their industry knowledge and expands their network of professionals at CBRE/NE and beyond!

Intern Photo #2

Our 2016 Interns came from all over! Each one has left their own mark along the way on this exciting journey. We were thrilled to have them join us this summer.



“I knew this internship program would broaden my knowledge of the CRE industry.” Allie Percoco, Miami University of Ohio – Boston Office, Investment Sales

“CBRE/NE is a very well-known company, both nationally and globally. I thought it would be a great opportunity to learn more about the different lines of business by networking with professionals who have many years of experience.” RJ Hayes, University of Wisconsin-Madison – Andover Office, Property Management

“I chose CBRE/NE because of the strong reputation the company holds within the CRE community.” Ryan Mowery, Connecticut College – Hartford Office

“I wanted to learn the most I possibly could about the services side of CRE, and knew that CBRE/NE is the best in the business.”Tyler Kavoogian, Boston University – Boston Office, Urban Brokerage


“I had previously interned with a smaller CRE firm and I was interested in gaining experience with a larger company.”Clare Lyne, Trinity College – Boston Office, Urban Brokerage

“I wanted to intern somewhere I knew I would gain experience, which led me to CBRE/NE because of the excellent reputation of the internship program and the emphasis that is placed on networking.”Christine Gill, Babson College – Boston Office, Suburban Brokerage

“CBRE/NE is the leader in the CRE industry. I had heard amazing things about the company and its culture.”Aman Stuppard, Trinity College – Boston Office, Industrial Brokerage/Metro West

“The internship program provides a great intro to the industry through intern lunches, value-added work for our teams, and a large group of interns to collaborate and network with.”Samantha Torto, Elon University – Boston Office, Multifamily

In the Boston area alone, the impact of this organization is visible in our everyday lives.”Joshua Velez, Bryant University – Boston Office, Debt & Structured Finance


What has been your best experience or takeaway from CBRE/NE this summer?

“I have learned the risks, rewards, struggles and triumphs that accompany being in this business.”Liv Halvorson, Ohio State University – Providence Office

“Having the opportunity to tour and experience different buildings as well as the completed projects within them.” Danielle Donovan, University of New Hampshire – Manchester Office

“The company outing because it gave me the opportunity to network with CBRE/NE employees across all different service lines and in all different positions.”Jason Raleigh, University of Connecticut – Hartford Office


“The company really aims to create an educational internship program by having weekly intern lunches that bring in a variety of people from the industry to speak to us about their experiences.”Julia Gao, Boston University – Boston Office, Information Technology 

“The intern lunches because they gave us the opportunity to either learn about different roles within the company or companies we work with.”Estefani Orellana, Bentley University – Boston Office, Human Resources/Research

“The events, because they brought me new friends and connections for the future.”Thijs Heilbron, Colby-Sawyer College – Boston Office, Creative & Analytics


“The weekly lunches with a panel of professionals because they provide a unique view into the CRE field.”Michael Sokul, University of Miami – Boston Office, Valuation & Advisory

“This summer has shown me that true value comes from consistent teamwork between all of the service lines that CBRE offers.”Andrew Lynch, University of Richmond – Boston Office, Project Management

“Going with the brokers from the Retail team on their tours and meetings because it is a fantastic way to get an inside look at the daily work within the business.” Owen O’Leary, Boston College – Boston Office, Retail Brokerage


To cap off their summer experience, our 2016 Interns led the way as the officials for our Office Olympics. They are featured above in a variety of settings where they learned more about the different areas and properties we work with in our portfolio.