A Good Win for Goodwin: United Bank Picks Tower for New Headquarters

united-bankThere has been a tremendous amount of investment in Hartford recently and a lot to look forward to as a result, including the new UConn campus opening this fall and the scheduled completion of the Yard Goats’ new ballpark this spring. Add to that list a piece of good news from the private sector: United Bank will move its headquarters from Glastonbury to Goodwin Square in the fall. The 68,000 SF lease will consolidate over 200 employees from two different buildings in Glastonbury, as well as a third location in South Windsor.

CBRE/New England’s John McCormick was responsible for bringing in the regional bank, whose move is expected to have a significant impact on the area. The United Bank tenancy in the building will increase the occupancy level by over 20%. Moreover, as a growing institution, United Bank is exactly the kind of tenant that Hartford wants to attract as the city looks to expand its downtown employment base and capitalize on the current national trend towards urbanization.

To learn more, please see the following Hartford Courant article covering the transaction.

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